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Introducing the Kian Smith Gold Sourcing Program

Kian Smith Gold Sourcing Program (KSmith-GSP) commenced in October 2019. It is our roadmap for traceable and ethical gold supply in Nigeria. Traceability in our chain of custody is no more than two levels removed from the actual miner. Our gold supply is in segregated lines.

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Recycled Silver & Gold Buying Program

Kian Smith Refinery will be launching a buying program for recycled silver and gold by September 2020.


The West African Jewelry Value Chain

While world jewelers and consumers have become socially conscious with emphasis on ethical gold sourcing, most jewelers in West Africa struggle to get access to gold produced in their region. Despite the deep appetite for gold jewelry buoyed by the prevailing cultures, with the exception of Senegal, most jewelry is imported into the region

We have created access for regional jewelers to purchase gold for their production and continue to work on programs to promote West African produced jewelry and West African gold in jewelry

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Osun: Chemical Free Gold

We presently supply chemical free artisanally supplied segregated gold from Osun, Nigeria. Kian Smith Gold Sourcing Program (KSmith-GSP) in Osun incentivized 98 ASGM operators to become registered businesses that are tax compliant, producing gold responsibly and selling a significant volume of chemical-free gold to the Kian Smith buying center in Ilesha. Other ASGM operators in the state and other parts of Nigeria are in the process of joining the KSmith-GSP.

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A collaboration between the Africa Gold Council and international jewelry designers, to raise funds for the Kabara foundation.

  •  The Kingdoms collection will be a suite of Jewelry designed and crafted by a selection of international jewelry designers based on their interest in Africa and desire for ethically sourced precious metals.

  • The collection will be curated around the theme, African Kingdoms.

  • The Gold will be supplied by Kian Smith Refinery

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